School management system is an amazing system that you can use to manage and monitor your school even using your phone from wherever you are. It’s a system that works both online and offline. You just login from your comfort zone and you are able to know all the transactions that have taken place that day.

This system reduces fatigue on your staff hence making them work effectively. Your staff will aim at perfection because they know that they are being monitored. What makes it more amazing is that when a top administrator logs in he can access all transactions including any figure or word that has been edited or changed yet the lower administrators cannot access everything, they only access what is in their line departments. It’s a great opportunity for you as an entrepreneur.

School management system has six modules namely; finance manager, discipline manager, permissions manager, sick bay manager and staff attendance manager.

Can you imagine monitoring all those just by single click on your computer or a login in your phone?

Here is the summary of the different modules on the system!

Result manager                                        

This module enables the school to monitor its academic progress and to solve challenges quickly since it does calculations & analysis in a single click. It also permanently keeps the data of every student who goes through the institution. In other words, it works as a data bank of all students and their records.

Benefits of results manager

  • Produces customized students reports with students photos
  • Automated subject grading and comments
  • Automated head master comments
  • Produces students mark list per subject
  • Students profiling and staff management
  • This system works both online & offline. This means that when it is online anyone with a password can access it from anywhere in the world.
  • It prepares and prints report cards with students’ passport photos on them.
  • It is used to track students’ performance records since it keeps all the marks since he /she joined the institution and onwards.
  • It is used to make performance analysis in the following ways;
  • Student performance in grade, percentages, average and position in class and stream.
  • Class performance in grades and percentage.
  • Stream performance in position and grades.
  • Institution performance in grades for all classes, etc.
  • It helps to easily detect cases of students missing exams.
  • Online/offline synchronization and automatic back up of the system.
  • It keeps information permanently and can be accessed even after 100 years.

Finance manager

This module works as an internal audit system that produces periodic financial reports when required. By logging into the system, one can immediately see the following:-

  • Total number of students
  • Total number of bursaries
  • Total number fees exemptions
  • Total amount of money collected.
  • Total amount of money uncollected
  • Total expected collections
  • Balance carried forward from the previous term / semester.
  • Total amount collected today etc.

Benefits of finance manager

  • Automatic generation of payment receipts and vouchers.
  • Budget management where no expenditure can be made outside the budget.
  • Budget performance analysis and tracking. It helps to detect any short falls or deficits.
  • Makes all calculations thus avoiding errors & easing the work of the cashier.
  • It prepares all financial statements e.g. cash flow statement, trial balance, fees ledgers etc.
  • Produces customized financial reports for a specific period of time i.e. a day, 5 days, a week, month or year.
  • Using the system one can easily access the list of students who are being demanded a certain fraction of fees i.e. 30%, 50%, 75% or any other fraction.
  • It notifies the top manager of any change or alteration made by the cashier.
  • The system works both online and offline.
  • Automated fees category break downs and monitors daily transactions.
  • In house bank statements & money transfers (cash withdrawals from bank or cash deposits to the bank)
  • Fees collection reports, fees defaulters reports.
  • Expenditure reports
  • Manages non fees revenue like fines, donations, loans etc.
  • Bursary and fees exemption management.
  • Previous debt management and Creditors management.
  • Summary cash flow statements.
  • Staff payroll, allowances and advances management.

Sick bay manager              

  • Records all students who visit the sick bay with their details and aid given.
  • Produces custom reports of students who visited the sick bay.
  • Helps the school to make analysis of common diseases and to monitor drug usage.

Discipline management

  • Record students who reported with indiscipline cases and punishments given
  • Produce custom reports of indiscipline students
  • Is used to monitor the students discipline

Absence management

  • Records students who absent from time to time
  • Makes reports on absenteeism

Permissions manager

  • Records all students who have been permitted to go out of the school
  • Records the staff who permitted them and where they were going
  • Records who has taken a child and when they are supposed to come back
  • Makes permission reports from time to time